Dear People of Holy Rosary Parish,

The pandemic that ravages our nation and the world has brought death, fear and uncertainty to countless people. Sadly, there is no end in sight – only more pessimistic speculation as to what lies ahead as we approach the winter flu season. Gratefully, over the past six months, so many have remained faithful in parish stewardship. It is a testament to your commitment to the faith and Holy Rosary even though we have not celebrated Sunday Mass with any regularity.

Father Pham so graciously agreed to once again take on celebrating Mass weekdays, providing the opportunity to attend Mass at the church.

However, in order to get a feel for a regular return to weekend Mass in the church, for the Sundays Mass will be celebrated at 10 AM, Father Michael Camilli, a retired MSC priest, has agreed to help us on the weekends . It must be understood, that there will be only one weekend Mass. Throughout the diocese, we no longer have the availability of priests to celebrate Masses as in the past.

It is my hope and prayer is that things will improve and our lives as parishioners and citizens can begin to return to normal. Invoking the intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary, I remain.

Sincerely yours,

Monsignor DeSantis

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